Chi Running Private Sessions, Workshops, and Check-Ins

Gather a group of friends and host a private workshop! Scroll the bottom for more deets! Questions?

If a workshop doesn’t fit your schedule or desire, you have several options to choose from. Contact Laura by email. Check the calendar for availability (other times not noted may be available!).

A three hour session covers the same as an intro workshop and a video analysis is also included. (Note: the three hours can be two or three sessions.)
Initial sessions are 90 minutes and help you see where you’re at.
Check-Ins are for those who have completed an intro session or workshop, (after the free follow-up.)
Note: Scholarships and other opportunities are available for senior citizens, students, and others on limited or fixed incomes. Please contact Laura.

Individual sessions:
:: Three hour pack (includes free follow up) – $200
:: Initial session only (75 – 90 min) – $90
:: Subsequent sessions (60 min) – $75
:: Check-in (must have completed an intro session (any instructor) private or other – $50


For private groups (4 hour session for 4 or more people; 3 hour for 2 or 3 people): Note: you get a group of at least 4 and a venue, and you get your registration for free!
:: Groups of 2 people – $175 per person
:: Groups of 3 people – $135 per person
:: Groups of 4 people – $125 per person
:: Groups of 5 people – $115 per person
:: Groups of 6-10 people – $100 per person

Group size (per person)