Chi Running Workshop May 21

When: Sunday May 21, 12-4:30p
Where: 5Focus Studio, Seattle WA
Why: Because running!
Chi Running: Sign me up!
More info about concurrent Chi Walking workshop here

How’s your running going? Do you feel like you could enjoy it more? Has it been a while? Do you want to join others in running? Did you hear about Chi Running and were wondering what it was about?

Whether you are a novice runner or a seasoned veteran, this workshop is for you! You’ll learn the essentials of the Chi Running technique – alignment, lean (letting gravity work for you), relaxing your lower body (quit overusing your leg muscles!), and efficient arm swing (because if they don’t, you’re gonna work harder!).

We’ll spend the first part of the class in drills and exercises designed to help you find alignment and relaxation in YOUR body. We’ll also explore Chi Walking to really get a sense of moving in alignment before we run. Then we’ll head outside to put it all together with some short practice runs and more fun drills! We’ll also do a short video analysis  – great for checking your running form and getting feedback we both can see!

For questions, contact Laura.

*NOTE: This workshop is the first part of a Chi Walking workshop as well. If you have friends or family who are interested in Walking with decreased pain and injury, and more endurance, please consider or have them join the walking workshop. Sign up for the Chi Walking workshop here or visit this page for more info.