Chi Running

Chi Running is a running technique combining central movement principles of tai chi with the sport of running, designed to shift the workload to your core, giving your legs a rest. This creates a more efficient way to run and also causes a significant reduction in the amount of injuries and down time. The key principles are alignment and relaxation. When you run with your center aligned, and your arms and legs, hips and shoulders relaxed, you move in a more powerful yet fluid way. As you learn to work with the pull of gravity and allow the road to take your feet back, you will find you can go faster using less energy. The basic aspects of the Chi Running technique (where you start) are just the beginning to a life long process of exploration and growth. It’s never too late to get started!

Chi Running workshops and lessons are available in Seattle and surrounding areas. You will learn the basic aspects of the Chi Running and Chi Walking technique, and be able immediately to start incorporating the focuses into your forward movement. Most people notice changes after one session because they are starting to become aware of their own body and how it moves. Get started on your journey today!

In an intro session, you will learn:
:: How to work with gravity and the oncoming road
:: Run (and walk) with a balanced and aligned posture
:: Use your core muscles to improve efficiency
:: Swing your arms effectively
:: Self-check tools and focuses
Note: If you have already taken a workshop or private session, take another workshop for half off. It’s a great way to serve as a refresher and deepen your practice! Contact Laura for the discount code prior to registering. 

Advanced workshops or clinics (open to alumns) cover: 
:: How to tackle hills

:: How to conserve energy at any speed
:: More technique drills and exercises
:: Advanced video analysis
Visit the Advanced Clinics page for more info and schedule.

Online video analysis:
Need to get a remote lesson or want to have someone check your form without having to meet in person? Buy an online video session. You get detailed instructions on set up and submission, and will receive a detailed analysis with tips and exercises to help you run more efficiently!

Refresher Runs
Consistent practice is a great way to keep Chi Running in your body and help you master efficiency. Refreshers are held throughout the year and are also open to all. Bring a friend and let them get a taste of what Chi Running is all about! See the Refresher Runs page for more info and schedule of runs.

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