Healthy Feet!

NM-affiliate-graphic-mydna2Do you suffer from chronic foot pain? Does it interfere with your running and/or walking? Many things, including your alignment, the shoes you wear, the ground you walk on, etc., affect your foot health, and in turn, your overall health.

Learn how to reawaken your feet and legs for a healthier you! When your feet hurt, it affects your whole body; your foot health will determine how well you age. We live in a modern world where our feet don’t get natural stimulation like our ancestors’ did. We walk on flat and level surfaces in shoes not only cushioned to dampen nerve stimulation, but also with heels that have an overall effect on our alignment and whole body health. You can start to undo the damage a lifetime of moving on flat and level terrain, and in poor footwear, have caused you,  by learning a few basic tips and exercises that you can do anywhere, any time. In an introductory class, you’ll learn to revitalize your feet through stretching, joint mobilization, self-massage, and self-care. Or, take a series of classes and go deeper!

When your feet feel good, you feel good. Step in – your feet will thank you!

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NM-affiliate-multivitLaura is a Nutritious Movement Certified Healthy Foot PractitionerTM via and received her Healthy Foot Practitioner™ training through Nutritious Movement®. The training involves a thorough education of foot mechanics, how foot function affects whole-body health, and the role of footwear on foot health and foot pain. Nutritious Movement® is a science-based education facility dedicated to optimizing long-term health of the human machine through proper understanding of how habits of posture and alignment affect organ and system function.