Thanks for your letters – I love seeing how Chi Running and Chi Walking has helped you find the joy and fun in running and walking!
I immediately started using what you taught us in class and received almost instant results.  For a few months before taking your class, I had been getting slower and slower, which I attributed to injuries and time off from injuries.  Maybe getting slower was a result of increasingly bad form due to injury.  Whatever the reason for getting slower, after implementing the techniques learned in class, I am nearly back to running as fast, for the most part, as I was before taking the class.  I want a refresher to verify more form is correct and to adjust whatever I am still missing.

I attended your Chi running class a month ago.  I  would like to thank you for the instruction.  In that 4 hour class I took away the tools I needed and have been attempting to practice to complete 26.2 Miles!  Tips that helped the most were “Tall and fall”  every 10 min and the horse and carriage concept.  You made it possible for me to finish with extra steam at 4:19:11. Words cannot express how happy I am tonight.  It was a very emotional first marathon for me.
Chi Running kicks butt!
Now tell Danny he needs to give you a raise!  Ha!

All that I have to say is “Wow – thank you!”

I ran 8 miles this morning and focused on leaning out from my ankles without breaking at the waist.  I can tell when I sink at the end of my stride – because that’s when I’m feeling that I’m breaking at the waist.  Yeah, yeah – I know that we’re only supposed to focus on one thing, but it was hard to avoid the tripod.  If I let that slip, then my cranky right foot talked back.  When I thought about the tripod, I ran without pain 🙂 One more blah-blah-blah and then I’ll stop. My Monday morning running buddy asked me if I was practicing what I learned on Saturday, because I was having an easier [run] than she was.

Dear Laura,
I want to thank you and let you know what a difference the Chi Walking has made in my life.
Sometimes, I go up the stairs and I do not even remember how I got to the second floor. This is a big event for me, because I struggled so hard to pull myself up before.
I get up from a chair and realize I did not have to push and plan how I was going to do it. This, also, is new.
I am so happy to be getting  back to “normal”.
My husband and I are going to the gym five days a week, two of which we just go to walk on the treadmill. I am still going fairly slow, and I lose my center of gravity, so I have to check in on my walking posture often.
I try to be aware all the time. My body seems to be absorbing the new way of sitting, standing and walking and, again, I am so grateful to you.
Take care,

Your training truly changed my view an experience with running… not sure if you remember but during my intro at your workshop I said I hated running, however I wanted to enjoy it… Until then, the longest I ran was a 5K…after your training,,, I started to enjoy running and recently finished the Seattle Half Marathon in 2:11

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the updates.  I wanted to let you know that I ran the Portland Marathon a couple weeks ago.  It was my first marathon, and I am certain the training and the race would have been not nearly as good an experience if you had not introduced me to Chi Running.  Before I started with Chi Running, I was starting to wear a knee brace, as my knee was bothering me after even mid-length runs.  After Chi Running — no knee brace, no knee problems.  Although my leg were definitely tired and crampy for the last six miles of the race, I never felt like I needed to quit.  Most important, throughout my four months of training, I did not have any injuries!
Thank you for introducing me to this technique.  It has made a huge difference for me!  Please continue to send me the info about the refresher clinics, as I know I still have room for improvement.

Thanks Laura!  I did the 10k for the second time this year and cut off 2 minutes from my time last year.  I walked a lot less and I think trying the “indian run” style of speeding up and slowing down in increments using the lean is what allowed me to run more.  The class was very helpful and I will use what I learned in my runs to come!

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the great run on Sunday.  It was a good speed and you really helped me to stay focused!    I also really liked your looseners, there were a couple of different ones than I remember from my class.  Would you happen to have a list of them?  or if not, I think I remember most of them but there were a couple with one foot in front of the other –one was swinging the arms for an awesome back twist but I can’t recall the other one.
Thank you !!

I really enjoyed the workshop. The instructor was fantastic. I have already recommended her to friends. Really inspired by the workshop. The video taping was very helpful.

Laura was great working with the group and individual. She monitored our stance, practice skills, and running. She also gave explanations for the “why” of what we were doing.

We had an extremely wide and varied group in age and in skill levels. Everybody had experienced some kind of injury or was injured! Laura did a great job in addressing each individual with insightful and practical suggestions and was able to demonstrate how Chi running style could help alleviate many of the problems we all had experienced in the past (and the present!).

It was a pleasure to attend the Chi workshop last Sunday.
I did benefit from your knowldge, and your style of teaching.

Thanks for an excellent workshop last Sunday, Laura. It was a great use of my Sunday afternoon. I loved how you presented the information in such a helpful way, with a lot of repetition and reminders, with no ego involved on your part. Very straightforward, very informative, very supportive.