Chi Walking Workshop May 21

When: Sunday,  May 21, 12-3p
Where: 5Focus Studio, Seattle WA
Why: To help you LOVE walking!
Register here: Sign me up!

Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises – a whole body exercise – that you can do. It moves most all your muscles (rather than targeting a few), and it aids the cardiovascular system by taking some of the workload off the heart. When you move, blood flows, bringing oxygen and nutrients to tissues and bones. What better way to improve your health!

Yet many can’t walk very far (ideally 3-5 miles per day) due to injury or chronic pain. Maybe you have plantar fasciitis? Maybe shin splints, or pain in your feet, or back, or hips? Or maybe you’re fine and want to stay that way. If any of this is you, this workshop is for you!

You’ll learn all about how your alignment – yours! – affects your body from the ground up. You’ll find a way to stand move that benefits your bones and muscles, and makes you feel better. You’ll learn to move forward in a relaxed yet stable way, and how to recognize what habits you have that my be getting in the way of your progress. You’ll take home tips, tricks and resources to last you a lifetime!

Join us for this introduction to Chi Walking at 5Focus studio in Seattle.

What you’ll get:

  • Introduction to Chi Walking
  • Injury-prevention techniques
  • Drills and exercises
  • Personal check-in tricks and tools
  • Innovative technique drills

If you have any questions, please contact me.

NOTE: This workshop is the first part of a Chi Running workshop as well. If you are interested in running as well, or if you have friends or family who are interested in running with decreased pain and injury, and more endurance, please consider or have them join the running workshop. Sign up for Chi Running here or visit this page for more info.

Note: if you have taken a class previously and want to take another one as a ‘refresher’, you pay half price. Contact me for the discount code.