Online Chi Walking Video Analysis

Why get a video analysis?  A video analysis will help you connect what you are feeling to what Videotapingyou are doing – very helpful in untangling issues that might be causing you pain or discomfort. From there, you can get feedback and corrections that may help alleviate that issue. Many of my clients tell me the most valuable take away from their lesson is the video analysis; it really solidifies the connection between what it feels like and what it looks like, and sets them on the road to better movement habits.

Why online? You may be in an area where there are no instructors available and you want help with your Chi Walking. A video analysis is the next best thing! THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR WORKING WITH AN INSTRUCTOR LIVE. Please check here for one in your area:

With an online video analysis, you will get:

  • Detailed analysis of your walking form using Coach’s Eye
  • Live feedback (voice over on your video)
  • Recommendation of drills and exercises to correct form issues
  • Email support – follow up, check-in, questions

Cost for an online Chi Walking video analysis is $50 USD (payable via PayPal or check – see instruction page). For instructions in video set up, capturing, and submission, please go here.