Chi Walking

Chi Walking is a mindful way of walking based on five steps:

  1. Get aligned
  2. Engage your core
  3. Create balance
  4. Make a choice
  5. Move forward

Most of us have been walking since about age one, and for the most part, as kids we did a decent job of it. We could go pretty far, following our heart where it led us. But as we got older, poor movement and posture habits started to creep in and over time, those developed into aches and pains, maybe even a injury now and then. And as we age even more, perhaps we can’t balance as easily as we could as a youth. Or maybe life threw some challenges at us, creating those balance issues, and we didn’t have the tools to help our bodies adjust. That’s where Chi Walking comes in. You learn what it feels like to align your posture top to bottom, and how to move from there. Because those other habits were with you for so long, you have to make a conscious choice to reconnect with your body in its new alignment. The more you do that, and the more you move from there, the better the chances are your balance and fitness will be that much better as you age. It’s a lifelong process, one worth every step!

Chi Walking workshops and lessons are available in Seattle and surrounding areas. You will learn the basic aspects of the Chi Walking technique, and be able immediately to start incorporating the focuses into your forward movement. To get insight into what a Chi Walking lesson is like, read this article. Most people notice changes after one session because they are starting to become aware of their own body and how it moves. Get started on yours!

In an intro session, you will learn:

  • To walk with a balanced and aligned posture
  • To use your core muscles to improve efficiency
  • To swing your arms properly
  • How work with gravity and the oncoming road
  • Self-check tools and focuses

A free follow up session – post workshop or lesson – is included!
Note: If you have already taken a workshop or private session, take another workshop for half off. It’s a great way to serve as a refresher and deepen your practice! Contact Laura for the discount code prior to registering. 

Advanced workshops or clinics (open to alumns) cover:

  • How to incorporate speed into your walking more effectively (for fitness walkers)
  • How to tackle hills more efficiently, saving strain and wear on your calves and achilles
  • More technique drills and exercises
  • Advanced video analysis

For more info on upcoming workshops, private sessions and online video analysis, point your cursor to Chi Walking on the menu bar.
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