Advanced Clinics and Runs

Refresher Runs

Chi Running is a life long practice, and a good way to reinforce it in your body is to join us on a refresher run! That’s a group run (open to all) at an easy pace, guided by yours truly, with focuses and gentle reminders provided as we run. It’s a great way to let your body find its most efficient form and truly enjoy the run! We have Refresher Runs throughout the year at various locations – these are free and open to everyone, regardless of whether you have taken a Chi Running class or lesson. Check out the upcoming ones and join us! And bring a friend!

Level II Clinics

Have you completed a Chi Running or Chi Walking introductory session (either private or in a workshop)? Then maybe it’s time to take it to the next level! Watch for the advanced clinics coming up – just put your cursor on the menu bar and select a clinic for more details.