Oh just blog it! Things I learned at Certification Week with Nutritious Movement

Some may know that I’ve been spending almost the last two years working toward certification in Restorative Exercise™ with Nutritious Movement. A couple of weeks ago, I attended certification week at the Nutritious Movement Center in Sequim. For teachers we had (most of) the staff from Alignment B.E.A.C.H. – Breena Maggio, Tim Harris, and Michael Kaffel – as well as Katy Bowman and Michael Curran (check here for pics of them!) All week long! Plus, I was with a group of like minded people who are all working to better themselves in their bodies, so that they too can help others. In short, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! 🙂

I’ve been lax on putting all my thoughts and learnings to paper (or computer, in this day and age). But, I have made a few posts about it on Instagram (because a picture is worth a thousand words, but could also use some elaboration ;)). So in lieu of a blog post, I’m sharing links from my IG page @movewellmovemore. Explanations are in the linked photos.

It will be a few months before I am fully certified (have some other requirements to fill) but when I am, I’ll be offering sessions. And will continue exploration because one should never stop learning!

BTW, eventually, I’ll be moving most of this content to a new website – movewellmovemore. Stay tuned!

Grouped by subject, here are some of my IG posts… 

On grip strength
Crawling on a beam (repost from @nutritiousmovement)
Demo of grip strength and fruit
Muddy hands and patterns
Baby Carrying and Climbing
We’re losing our grip!

On Proprioception
Log walking
More log walking
Movement opportunities

On climbing and descending 
Ground force (repost from @alignmentrescue)

On Movement ecology
Where did this come from

My awesome housemates for the week
Some of us
All of us

Think outside the chair!