Video analysis Instruction

Here are some basic directions with details to follow:

    1. Capture your video
    2. Upload to file sharing service (free)
    3. Notify me your video is ready
    4. Make payment
    5. Receive confirmation that your video is being processed
    6. Receive your analysis in 3-4 days

Capture your video (tips):

  • Use camera or smart phone in landscape mode (no portrait mode please)
  • Wear contrasting colors for top and bottom (picks up hip motion)
  • Wear contrasting color to background
  • Tuck your shirt in; wear shorts if possible
  • Warm up well or take video at end of run or walk
  • Chi Running – run at a pace you could hold for an hour or more (i.e., second gear)
  • Chi Walking – walk at a gradually increase in speed to a fitness walk; medium pace for out and back                                 
  • Don’t force your technique or speed

Set up –

  • Set up on a flat surface
  • Capture a side view – left and right: Capture front to back: run 15-20 steps directly toward the camera and 15-20 steps directly away from the camera
  • Make sure your image fills most of the screen
  • Film in a well-lit area
  • Submit approximately 10-20 seconds in each direction
  • If someone else is taking the video, run in a smooth circular arc a constant distance away from them so they see your side at all times. Make sure they capture at least 10 seconds of video in each direction. You can set up cones or water bottles to delineate the arc.
  • If you are taking a self-video, set the camera up so you can capture about 3 steps across the screen (again, fill the screen and do not cut off the feet), and run back and forth abotu 4-5 times

Upload the video

  • Transfer your videos to a computer connected to the internet
    • rename the video with date (mmddyy) and name (i.e., 120113JohnDoe and/or 120113JohnDoe-side)
    • shorten the video to just the running if necessary (i.e., cut out several seconds of ‘nothing’)
  • Go here to create a DropBox account – or use your own account
  • Click on Public folder and click on the upload icon (left icon on uppper right, with the arrow pointing up)
  • Select Choose File and find your video
  • Repeat for each video
  • Click on the DropBox icon to return to your home page

Prepare to share the folder with the videos

  • Find your Public folder and put your mouse over that
  • See the chain link on the right side; click on that
  • A new window or tab will open with a pop-up box – leave it open for now

Notify me that your video is ready

  • Fill out and submit this form

Make your payment 

  • Pay via Paypal by clicking the PayPal button.
    • PayPal account holders – you can login to pay directly
    • All others – click on check out to be transferred to payment by credit or debit card.

      $65 (Run)/$50 (Walk)

  • If you wish to pay by check, please note that in the form under ‘any notes you wish to add?’ and you will receive instructions.


Once your email and payment are received, you will receive confirmation and work will begin on your video.

Receive your video

Once analysis is completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view your video. If there is a delay lasting longer that 3 days, you will receive an additional update