Feel what it feels like!

\Would you like to run and walk with grace and fluidity? Want to feel stronger and more powerful when you run? Do you just want to run or walk without pain, or keep old injuries from coming back? ChiRunning® and ChiWalking®  both draw on the central movement principles of T’ai chi to create more efficient movement that transfers the workload to your core
away from your legs, giving the lower legs a rest. Chi Running and Chi Walking help transform your running and walking into a mindful practice (think: yoga, Pilates, T’ai chi),  focusing on form through body sensing.  Learn to let old injuries be your teacher and guide to moving more efficiently and mindfully. You will LOVE running again. And you will WANT to start walking more, gaining endurance and better balance along the way.

Chi Running is for everyone!   
:: Beginning runners learn to run without pain and with good habits
:: Runners coming back from injuries learn to avoid future injuries
:: Seasoned runners learn to conserve energy at any speed

Watch this video that explains Chi Running in a simplified method.

Check here for what you will learn in a Chi Running session. When you are ready to run with greater ease, let us know!

Chi Walking® follows the same alignment principles as Chi Running, applied to walking.
:: Learn to get balanced and aligned
:: Learn to move from there and walk without pain or discomfort
:: Learn to go further and enjoy walking at any speed

Common issues pertinent to walkers such as hip pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, or knee pain, can be relieved through learning to become aware of your alignment, what you can do, and moving from there. Check here for more info on what you will learn with Chi Walking.

Visit the official pages of ChiRunning or ChiWalking for more information, and/or send me an email for instruction in the Seattle area.